Crane : Basic Assembly

For the most part we have all the major components of the crane and cane begin a fit of all the components. All the major components that were designed and re-designed can be seen. The fit and tolerances are good with all parts fitting together with no interferences or excessive gaps.

Crane : Side View

The only point that may be still up for re-design is the lower part of the swivel mechanism, currently it is a bolted on part, however it could be designed as a shelf that is welded onto the mast.

The last major part to be designed is the trolley. This is the part that will ride along the boom and will provide a mounting point for the hoisting equipment.

Crane : Isometric

There will be some other simple additions to the crane, however these are not critical to the overall function but may provide some added convenience.

Other details to be added will be the addition of bolts to the various bolt holes to add to the overall detail.

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