Crane : Base

The base will anchor the entire crane to the ground, it will attach itself to the mast and then further attach the crane to the ground. The crane base will have components that will be embedded in the ground. This would be accomplished via a “J” bolt, threaded at the top where it attaches to the crane base and embedded within a concrete pad with reinforcing rods.

Original Design

The current design has base being 4 pieces each with 2 points to attach the “J” bolts to embed it into the ground. However this design stands at 1,000mm tall however while it does work it is too tall and should be reduced in height.

Also the mast diameter has changed and as such some of the dimension have to change as well. When this dimension was changed we see that the design held its integrity.

Modified for new mast

The re-design has both the modification to height and the mast fit. Even with these modifications it still maintains the integrity. The design will be kept.

Modified for both mast and height

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