The Re-Design: Swivel Mechanism (Pt. 4 of 4)

The Old Cross-Member

The old assembly which has more parts and a greater amount of assembling to do, however it was found to be too complex and many of the parts were found to be lacking requiring re-design. This re-design of individual parts meant that it affected the other parts further down the design requiring them to be modified.

Thus it was better to re-design the entire cross-member.

The New Cross -Member

The new cross-member now has an upper section that is 1 component welded to the new cylindrical section that spans the distance from the boom to the mast.

The rotating parts have also been simplified with less complex geometries and a simpler less delicate rotating mechanism.

The lower part bolts to the mast as can be seen in the image on the right.

This new assemble is far better and still allows for dis-assemble during transport and fulfils the criteria to allows for rotation. Overall a good out come to the re-design.

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